Leon Singer’s “Go Crazy” Video Is Addictive Treat For David Lynch & Twin Peaks Fans


Do yourself a favor folks and stay away from lakes, pass on that invitation to go camping and whatever you do, refrain from contact anyone wearing a hockey mask because it is Friday the 13th! And while not as recurring as a full moon, there’s no doubt that something in the air on this strangest of days could no doubt make you go crazy. But if you’re looking for that one thing to push you even more over the edge, you have to check out, “Go Crazy”. The debut song from Leon Singer (Leon Singuveils) will set the stage for a killer weekend!

“Go Crazy” is as sultry as it is addictive. Leon Singer makes fantastic use of his wildly impressive falsetto delivery over a lucious bed of rich, sultry instrumentation from start to finish. The track’s slightly reserved vibe serves a great juxtaposition to Singer’s wicked lyrics. Crisp guitars and a hypnotic backbeat are enough for anyone looking to lose yourself in a melody driven song that feels simultaneously perfect for today and late 80’s pop-rock, new wave glory.. Singer takes this notion and turns it up to ten.

Leon Singer comments, “Who among us is not familiar with this situation? You are happily in a relationship but suddenly someone slams the door in your face. Was it your fault? That’s Go Crazy. How someone feels when they cannot let go of their partner.”

Oozing with sensuality, “Go Crazy” literally almost goes crazy with a smooth as silk chorus and a guitar solo so spot on- so song appropriate and-  so perfect. You can’t deny Singer’s ability to construct a song rich in mood and melody. For a debut single, Singer makes an awfully big statement.

And yes! Let’s not forget this video. In a day in age when music videos don’t carry the same gravity they once did in the heyday of MTV, the video for “Go Crazy” plays as the perfect counterpart to this fantastic song. Featuring model Louisa Mazzurana, the video is a great modern day take on the classic role of the music video. Mysterious and at times pleasantly uneasy, you can take the song without the video but with the video, well now we’re seeing something we desperately needed- just didn’t realize it!

The video for “Go Crazy” symbolises passion and the endless quest for perfectionism. A kaleidoscope of emotion, influencer and model Louisa Mazzurana (former contestant of Germany’s Next Top Model) embodies the feeling of seduction that bubbles underneath the skin. Sichtfeld Medien perfectly captures the heated rock atmosphere within the 3-minute feat, highlighted by a brooding David Lynchian aesthetic.

For this Friday the 13th, Go Crazy with Leon Singer!