Liam Gallagher Attacks U2 Singer Bono


The former Oasis member, Liam Gallagher often grabs the headlines for his controversial statements and he made a bold statement of how most rock stars were “useless”, and specifically named the famous Irish rock outfit U2 as an example. His initial remark came as a response to Dave Grohl calling Gallagher “one of the last remaining rock stars” during an earlier interview.

Liam Gallagher opens up on U2

Gallagher was recently asked to shed light on his statement a bit more during a recent appearance at Loudwire Nights. Liam’s response saw him back-tracking a bit, although he still appears to stick to his statement. Gallagher went on to take a huge shot at U2, naming Bono & Co. as an example of rock musicians who “just live a very boring fucking life”:

“I mean, not all of them are [useless], but the majority of them are. The ones that think they’re rock stars are not, they… just live a very boring fucking life, and I think rock ‘n’ roll deserves a little bit more than just making music, you know what I mean? You gotta get out there and get yourself — you just gotta live an exciting life. It’s like U2, they pass themselves as a rock ‘n’ roll band, but what the? Come on, man, I’ve never seen f**king Bono, I mean I’ve never seen any of them do anything remotely rock ‘n’ roll.”

Grohl, who collaborated with Liam on “Everything’s Electric”, a single taken from the younger Gallagher brother’s upcoming studio album “C’mon You Know”, originally complimented Liam Gallagher during an interview last month. He had said:

“Unfortunately we didn’t do it in person but I love being in the same room as Liam. It’s like putting a fucking quarter in a jukebox and just turning it up with that guy. It’s fucking great. He’s an amazing singer and he’s a fucking rock star. He is one of the few last remaining rock stars.”

Gallagher had taken note of it and responded to the compliment with a tweet in which he simply wrote: “He’s correct the rest of them are useless”.