Liam Gallagher Compares Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington’s Deaths To Infamous Murder


Former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher compared Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, and Kurt Cobain’s suicides to the murder of John Lennon in a new Rolling Stone interview. Gallagher made the point that life is precious, and that Cornell, Bennington, and Cobain should have believed that they’d reach their ‘fucking final destination.’

Even during his toughest times, Liam never became dangerously depressed. He’s baffled and shocked at the suicides of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, as he was by Kurt Cobain’s, long ago. “There’s geezers fucking killing the likes of John Lennon,” he says. “Your life’s precious. Life is like a fucking plane, man. There will be turbulence on the way. You gotta truly believe that you’ll reach your fucking final destination, and all will be fucking good.” You know what he means?

Gallagher also discussed his own drug use.

“I was doing fucking pure LSD, magic mushrooms, coke, all sorts of fucking stuff before I even fucking spat in a microphone,” he says. “I’m not a fucking casualty, man. I’m not Pete Doherty. … I’ve got a bit of discipline. I’ve never done heroin, never gone really big in on cocaine. We weren’t like fucking Stevie Nicks.”

These days, he says, “I’ll have a good time, but not stupid till six in the morning. A hangover these days is like being caught by the fucking Taliban. It takes me three days to fully come out of it. So I pick my days.”