Linkin Park Singer Audition Recording Revealed


Linkin Park during their early days as Hybrid Theory auditioned Seattle scene legend Tim Branom as lead singer before hiring Chester Bennington.

Tim wrote, “Over all these years, I’ve auditioned for some pretty famous bands (usually as a singer) but I’m not allowed to post audio or I would make enemies really fast. But here is one from Hybrid Theory which became Linkin Park. I remember they were working with RCA records at the time (who probably paid for this demo). I also remember the manager being a total dick and not liking my look or sound. He said “You would not be right for this band at all!!!!!”😀 So take a trip back to 1999 and have a listen to what I sounded like with them. And RIP Chester Bennington. No one could have done it better.”

On July 19th, Talinda Bennington shared a video on TikTok about Chester’s death anniversary. “Five years. I didn’t think I could breathe this long without you,” she wrote as the caption. “RIP my love.” She also included the hashtag #suicideawareness.

Talinda had previously asked followers to share their advice on how to mark the anniversary of a loved one’s death. “There’s been a couple of years where I wanted to acknowledge it, and this year my kids don’t wanna acknowledge it at all,” she said.