Lisa Marie Presley Daughter Leaks Sad Final Photo


Just by looking at photos, it’s hard to tell exactly what is going through someone’s head. Not only can someone hide the pain behind a smile, but it’s also extremely difficult to pinpoint a moment of weakness in the span of twenty four hours. Lisa Marie Presley was one of those people that also shined a smile no matter what she was going through in the public eye or behind closed doors.

As reported by Today, Lisa went through a lot when she was here, but she never let it stop her from smiling. Recently, after the tragic death of Lisa Marie Presley, Riley Keough has come out to give us the last known photo of her mother.

In the Instagram post left by Riley, she speaks extremely fondly of her mother, who seems to have played a very pivotal role in Riley’s life. The comment section beamed with love as we are all mourning this tragedy.

The comments were filled with red heart emoji and those sending love and support, including from Flores, who wrote, “I love you both with my entire heart.”

Keough first paid tribute to her late mother on Jan. 20, when she shared a throwback photo of her and Presley from when she was a child. The image shows Keough as a little girl, gazing up at her smiling mom. She captioned it with a single red heart.

We hope that Riley and the rest of the family find the peace that they need at this time and that they can properly move forward as best as they can through these very hard times.