Lollapalooza Return Teased With Jane’s Addiction Reunion


Perry Farrell reunited Jane’s Addiction for a performance that aired on the digital 2020 Lollapalooza and is now becoming a movie, the band’s first show in 3 years, but perhaps fans will get to see it in person this August.

Farrell told iHeartRadio’s Jason Rockman, “If we can all stay on course, get vaccinated, stay socially distanced and masked up, maybe — please, God, maybe — we’ll get to go to Chicago in early August in one capacity or another.

If it’s not a giant Lollapalooza, it might be a half-capacity Lollapalooza or no Lollapalooza. But I want there to be a Lollapalooza in some capacity so bad. But we can only respond to the people. If the people are getting it right and we’re flattening out and we’re going away from COVID infections, there’s hope.

I listen to Joe Biden, when he thinks July 4th could be the first time we’ll have a small celebration. I’m gonna say that my first small celebration will be in August, and I wanna have it in Chicago.”

Lollapalooza used to be a touring festival, with the last version of that being in 2003 for Jane’s Addiction’s reunion. Since then it has been a destination festival in Chicago, expanding to other countries in recent years.