Lord Sonny the Unifier Push The Envelope On Powerful Single “Right In Your I”


Brooklyn, New York based rockers Lord Sonny the Unifier are combining a fresh take on modern day garage rock with some slight psychedelic moments as well as a healthy serving up straight in your face rock, Lord Sonny the Unifier are making quite the name for themselves in alternative rock circles.

Lord Sonny the Unifier have a knack for pushing the envelope musically. You pick up on the notion that this is a band fully in control. A band with a clear cut musical mission statement. Not an ounce of compromise. You can’t help but respect the hell out of that! Fans of The Raconteurs, The Strokes and The Black Keys will no doubt find this band to be a great addition to their record collection.

With “Right In Your I”, Lord Sonny the Unifier hit you with an onslaught of fuzzy guitars, a swinging rhythm section and some totally wild, totally unexpected piano work. The dancing piano lines would be perfectly at home in a more jazzy number but their inclusion in a garage-rock burner make them all the more effective- and all the more welcome. It’s when bans take chances like this that they really excel on a higher place. The tracks fun, funky and dizzying finale serves another moment of pure bliss.

“Right In Your I” boasts from great vocal work as well. The gritty vocals hang in the mix nicely but it’s in conjunction with the track’s fantastic music video that the vocals- and lyrics being to take on another dimension all together.

You can never go wrong with a band who can deliver the goods. Lord Sonny the Unifier not only delivers all the goods, they ooze with potential and in today’s musical climate, we are in desparate desperate need of. If you’re a music fan, you need to grab a hold of Lord Sonny the Unifier and bask in their glory!