Madonna Creepy Message To Teen Girl Leaks


Madonna may about to be slammed by revelations of her past. No one should ever be judged by previous actions, however, this might be the case for the now 64 year-old Madonna. There once was a girl named Lori and she was pretty horny! This is Madonna’s high school friend, Lori Snow – and she is selling hers and Madonna’s 1975 yearbook for $3,500. This is complete with the racy handwritten limerick Madonna wrote about her. This could be evidence that Madonna was in fact ‘experimental’ in High School.

As per The Daily Mail, Madonna’s high school yearbook which includes a racy and creepy limerick she wrote about a friend in 1975, has emerged and is for sale for a minimum bid price of $3,500.

Madonna was aged 17 at that time and attending Rochester Adams High School. The yearbook is currently listed for a minimum bid of $3,500 on an auction website.

Inside the annual is a handwritten and signed limerick poem about her friend Lori Snow, composed by the pop star when she was a junior in high school.

The note written by Madonna said that her friend, who performed with her in a school play, was ‘pretty horny’ and a ‘great lay’. This is of course, shocking information to add to the pile of already shocking information relating to Madonna.

Madonna, who goes by her birth name Madonna Ciccone, is featured in a sweet head and shoulder image in the yearbook with her surname slightly misspelt.