Major Pearl Jam New Album Rumor Leaks, Is A Release Imminent?


A new rumor from the Philadelphia radio station WMMR regarding new Pearl Jam music has surfaced, stating that the band will release a new single this week.

YoullSeeDragons posted on the Ten Club boards, “WMMR in Philadelphia just mentioned that new Pearl Jam music may drop this week. Just passing it along.”

on2legs responded, “Hopefully they’re source wasn’t alternative nation.”

Kearn5y then posted, “They are now quoting discussions between members as news.”

Burn! It’s ‘their’ not ‘they’re’ though. Feel free to use Alternative Nation as a source for grammar.

Pearl Jam released “Can’t Deny Me” last March and advertised it as a song from their ‘forthcoming new album’ which never ended up coming out in 2018. It’s important to take radio station rumors with a grain of salt until you hear multiple radio stations stating they have a single coming, as there can be miscommunication.

Pearl Jam last played live in September 2018 at Fenway Park in Boston, and Eddie Vedder said the band would go away for awhile and the next time they would play together would be in the studio. Pearl Jam have discussed writing new songs as far back as 2 years ago in 2017, and Eddie Vedder even debuted a new song “Share the Light” live in 2017 at the Ohana Festival. Pearl Jam’s last album Lightning Bolt was released in 2013.

  • person

    Can’t Deny Me is simply a horrible song.
    PJ have become a corporate machine & the guys are all well into their 50’s never needing to worry about $ again…
    real rock & roll is for the young & PJ were of course once a fantastic band…that’s over now

    • Michael Bzowy

      Rock n Roll is for the Young??? What planet are you on?? Trace back how R&R began.. not only the young…Hope you were born before the hair metal days or just smokin good weed and need a nap!! Personal taste for each song and band! That is just pure ignorance my friend😎🤘✌

      • person

        this is a comment board…all opinions show up…perhaps I exaggerated just a bit but Pearl Jam’s best music seems to be in the rearview mirror (pun intended)…
        and yes I’m a big fan of good weed

    • TheWrathofCaan

      Cant Deny Me is a dud but their last album was absolutely fantastic, IMO. They’re still writing amazing songs as recently as Lightning Bolt.

      • person

        Get Away is a good tune
        Infallible is alright
        but IMO Backspacer was their last great album
        Cameron’s drumming on the title track (Lightning Bolt) is sick though

        • plastics!

          Pendulum and Yellow Moon are great tracks too. I agree Backspacer is great, one of their best, but Lightning Bolt was so underrated.

          • Brian

            I think Lightning Bolt was a strong record in their discography. My Father’s Son is a little clunky upon first listen. Lightning Bolt and Swallowed Whole follow too closely to Backspacer’s blueprint but are alright songs. Sleeping by Myself doesn’t really add a ton from the original. Yellow Moon sort of sounds like Low Light. Let the Records play is a distant cousin to Grievance. But 10 albums in and 25 years of playing in the same band those are common issues. Though it does damage the listen-ability when you get a few years down the road.

  • Stifler’s Mom

    Can’t Deny Me is a pretty weak single. But at least it sounds better live, like a lot of their later work. Mind Your Manners was also a strange choice for first single, but sounds much better live.
    I’ve always suspected that Eddie and the gang recorded Can’t Deny Me as a quick, dirty, angry response to whatever misspelled idiocy Trump was tweeting that day, and then put it out just to get it off their chests. Not their best song by a long shot but an interesting addition to rock and roll’s long history of protest songs.