Marilyn Manson And Courtney Love Reveal Bizarre New Collaboration


Marilyn Manson has announced that Courtney Love has been cast to play a nurse in his new “Tattooed in Reverse” music video. Manson wrote on Twitter, “Who allowed Courtney Love to be my nurse? Oh shit…I did. TATTOOED IN REVERSE.”

Marilyn Manson has shared two new photos with Courtney Love recently. He wrote, “Reunited and it feels so wrong. That’s why we F&ck Shit up.” He also said: “Trouble in Reverse” and “Taking shit back. TIR.”

Both Love and Manson appeared on the final season of the smash FX biker series Sons of Anarchy, which brought up rumors of old grudges.

“We didn’t work any scenes together [on SOA], but I saw her on the red carpet,” he said of the former Hole singer in 2015. “Her dress broke, and I said, ‘You okay? Your p—sy didn’t show, did it?’ and she said, ‘No,’ and I went, ‘Thank God! That would’ve been horrible!’ That was the only time I f—ked with her. Other than that, I’m cool with Courtney.”

Manson toured with Hole in 1998, but Nold left the joint tour after nine performances.

“I asked myself what is the last band in the world I would ever, ever want to tour with, and it was Hole, beyond a doubt,” Manson told the San Francisco Examiner before Hole’s exit in 1999. “But then I thought, I love a challenge, I like to surround myself with aggravation, it helps me perform better. And I thought, well, here’s a chance to show Courtney the difference between being a celebrity and being a real rock star.”

“We never really had a falling out,” he told Esquire. “We’ve always been weird with each other, because she’s slept with pretty much every one of my friends, supposedly. Not me, though. She, one time, told me she was mad at me because I didn’t want to f—k her and I was smarter than her. I said, ‘Well, you kind of proved your own point right there on that one.’”

Who allowed Courtney Love to be my nurse? Oh shit…I did. TATTOOED IN REVERSE.

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