Watch Marilyn Manson Get Pranked By Ex-Bandmate On Stage

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Marilyn Manson had an adorable moment onstage with his former bandmate John 5, who now plays with Rob Zombie. Manson and Zombie are currently on tour together. John 5 came onstage to surprise Manson at a recent show, and the two reunited with a warm embrace. It definitely went better than a Pogo reunion would have gone.

Billboard reports Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie’s Jones Beach Theater stop of their co-headlining Twins of Evil: The Second Coming tour was canceled on Tuesday night (Aug. 7) due to dangerous weather conditions.

The New York-area show was originally delayed, but as the weather continued to worsen, eventually flooding the floor of the theater, Jones Beach decided to cancel the performance at 10 p.m. via Twitter.

The venue tweeted, “Due to severe weather, tonight’s Rob Zombie & Marilyn Manson show is canceled. Your safety is our first priority.”

The situation isn’t the first hiccup of its kind on the tour. On July 26 in Toronto, Manson didn’t perform due to the flu. Earlier that month, in Bristow, VA, a performance was postponed, also due to weather.

CharmainKB posted on the Marilyn Manson Reddit:

“When I saw him in Montreal a couple of weeks ago, he was amazing. He was engaged with the crowd, smiling and making jokes.

Before the show started, my husband was feeling sick (heat + big crowd) we were beside the barrier running down center stage and he asked a girl standing next to us if he could just lean against the barrier for a few minutes. She gave him a dirty look (it was a prime spot) and he said it was just for a minute, as he wasn’t feeling good. He ended up having security help him over so he could get out of the crowd.

Anyway, the girl had her nails done really cool and someone asked her where she had them done. She said in Ottawa (where I live) so we started chatting. It was her first ever Manson show! We were discussing his recent illness and crossing our fingers that it wouldn’t be a last minute cancellation as had happened in Toronto a couple of days before.

The stage was set up and drummer and guitarist came out (apologies, I can’t remember names ATM) then a minute later, they went offstage. We looked at each other and were like “Oh No” The crowd waited and we got a bit nervous. Then we saw Tyler (!) put his guitar strap back on and knew it was ready to happen.

At that point my husband made it back and the show started. Her and I got separated. Just before Beautiful People, it started pouring fucking rain (it was glorious!)

After the show, I found her again because I had to know what she thought. We’re all soaking wet, clothes dripping, hair plastered to our heads, make up running. She was in her 7th heaven lol she had the best time and I was super happy for her. I remember my first Manson show (During GGG tour) and how amazed and ecstatic I was. I’m glad she got to experience him on a good day :)”