Mark Hoppus Reveals Blink-182 Reunion In Photo


When it comes to cryptic messages, bands seem to do it the best. Blink-182 have never really been the first band that anyone think about when it comes to weird cryptic messages laden throughout their music or imagery, but that all may be changing thanks to Mark Hoppus.

Just the other day, Mark Hoppus took to his Instagram story to post up a photo which looked liked it was snapped from his phone off of a TV screen. The image showed the name ‘Tom’ if you properly looked at the letter within the image. Many fans saw this and jumped to the conclusion that Tom DeLonge would be rejoining Blink-182.

As of now, there have not been any big breaking announcements from the Blink-182 camp about that, but it’s odd that Mark would make this into such a big deal when the name, Tom, is a pretty common one at that.

When it comes to the lineup of Blink, you have to at least feel a certain way about the post-Tom DeLonge era. Matt Skiba filled in greatly, but fans were torn over it. The worst part was that to this day, Matt still says he has not heard from anyone about where he is standing in the band.

Could Tom be coming back? It’s almost a for sure, but what happens with Matt now? That’s hard to say. Skiba has always been great in Alkaline Trio, but it could make for one last great Blink record if Matt joined the original lineup to add something refreshing in texture as Tom’s signature voice sure has changed over the years as anyone could imagine that it would with age and various other factors. We will have to see what happens next in this very strange story of Blink. Stay tuned.