Mark Lanegan Playing With Smashing Pumpkins Bassist


Mark Lanegan is set to performing with multiple Smashing Pumpkins members this weekend, including bassist Jack Bates, guitarist Jeff Schroeder, and keyboardist Katie Cole.

Schroeder wrote, “I hope everyone is doing well today. I’m excited to let you all know about something I’ve been working on for the last few months. It’s called ‘For the Crew’ and it’s an online streaming benefit concert brought to you by the wonderful people at @sweetreliefmusiciansfund and @nocapshows, and will feature performances by myself, Tommy Marz, Kevin Rudolph, and Katie Cole.

The concert is this Saturday (3/6) at 7pm EST and is being put-on to help raise money for crew members who have been out of work since the onset of the global pandemic. It’s an understatement to say the without these hard working women and men, we wouldn’t be able to tour and play concerts.

For this special event, I put together a unique evening of music where I collaborate and play songs with some amazing musicians, include Peter Hook (@peterhook_thelight), Mark Lanegan (@marklanegan), Scotti Hill from Skid Row (@scottihill), the amazing Arion Salazar (@arionsalazar), Jack Bates (@jackbates_music), my old Lassie Foundation bandmate Wayne Everett (@wayneorshine), and a great drummer from Los Angeles, Shane Graham (@shanegdrums). Katie Cole and I also did a song together that came out beautifully. I’m so excited to share these performances with you!

Tickets for this event are $15 and can be purchased from the No Cap website.

I’d also like to thank John Isberg (@swedefilmscu) for his amazing video editing and to Josiah Mazzaschi (@josiahdivision) for his superior sound shaping skills.

Much love and thank you for your support.”