Matt Cameron Honoring Chris Cornell At Pearl Jam Show Will Melt Your Heart


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder dedicated the band’s performance of “Come Back” to Chris Cornell at the band’s first show in two years on Tuesday night in Santiago, Chile, but that wasn’t the only Cornell tribute at the show.

Matt Cameron posted on Instagram, “First night of the tour in Santiago, sporting the Chris shirt!”

See photos below of Cameron wearing his beautiful Chris Cornell tribute show.

Theli posted on the Ten Club boards, “Show was amazing, best show in Chile. The band needs to play in this venue more for the upcoming South American tours.

There was a lot of hype for this show, and we weren’t disapointed.

Usually first show of a tour is kinda meh, but not this one. First time PJ played in a small venue (18.000) in South America, so it had to be good.

They started with Release which is a classic here in Chile (4 times it has been played here), the Of The Girl, was one of the biggest surprises of the night. For me, Of The Girl, Love Boat, Garden, Arounf the Bend, Confortably Numb were new songs, and of course Can’t Deny Me, which sounds really well live considering it was their first time.

Come Back for Chris was one the highlight of the show. Matt T-shirt was beautiful.”

Selma posted on the Ten Club boards, “A incredible night for sure. When I think of some moments of the concert, my skin bristles. Despite the impressive list of songs they gave us, “Come Back” in memory of Cornell was by far the most emotional. Half of the Arena sang at the top of its lungs with closed eyes and the rest directly cried. I was one of them. Thanks for being such a generous band … PJ love!”

First night of the tour in Santiago, sporting the Chris shirt!

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