Matt Sorum Breaks Silence On Guns N’ Roses Attack


Sometimes wording is lost in translation. It happens often when text messaging. Therefore, it might be easier and far more efficient to simply pick up the phone and say what you are going to say loud and clear. In the world of social media, whenever you Tweet or post anything it can always be comprehended unlike it was supposed to have been interpreted. This happened recently to Mike Portnoy. Let’s find out what happened.

As per Blabbermouth, Mike Portnoy says that he regrets publicly voicing his “observation” about the drumming in the Guns N’ Roses classic “November Rain”, explaining that he wasn’t “trying to insult another drummer.”

In August, Portnoy, who normally doesn’t shy away from his two cents, took to his Twitter for twits account to pose the question: “‘November Rain’ is an all-time classic song… but why on Earth did Matt Sorum play the SAME EXACT fill every 4 bars? (23 times, to be exact!)”

Two days thereafter, Sorum replied to Portnoy, writing on Twitter for twits, “That fill was Axl’s idea as a musical phrase that carried on through the trilogy, ‘Don’t Cry’ and ‘Estranged’. Those albums, ‘Use Your Illusion’ [parts] 1 and 2 have sold 20 million combined.” He added, “Remember, kids, drumming isn’t all about fancy drum fills and splash cymbals. Ask Charlie Watts, Ringo [Starr] and Phil Rudd.”

Portnoy then replied, “Agree 1000%!! Ringo is one of my greatest heroes!! No disrespect meant, bro… Just making an observation of that song. Peace! : )”