Maynard James Keenan Hits Back At Tool Fans Blaming Him For Album Delay

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Tool fans on Twitter recently said Maynard James Keenan was the reason that the band’s new album isn’t done yet, and he shot back with a clever tweet.

E.G.Mcnaughton tweeted, “Man, #JustinChancellor is a Fucking Beast!!! Man I can’t wait????? But happiness comes to those who wait. Right? ? Soon…@Tool @AdamJones_tv @EvilJoeBarresi @mjkeenan @puscifer #DannyCarey @LYONNESSE9.”

David Sharp responded, “He’s amazing. @Tool is amazing. Looking forward to new stuff in 2019 from them…finally….hopefully ?”

Derek W then tweeted, “shhhhhhhh…dont jinx it..???”

David Sharp tweeted back, “??oh I know. Sorry. However No more walking on eggshells… I heard they’re getting closer to finishing so it’s time to lay the vocals and hopefully get touring.”

Keenan responded, “Seriously? Still blaming me. #whileyouwerewhiningiwasworking.”

Keenan posted a couple of days ago, “Update- Final vocals tracked MONTHS ago. Then U.S.-UK-Euro run w #APC. If Tool all inst are tracked, long process of Mixing now. Meanwhile write/film/track w @puscifer for #puscifer2020 & troll the band FBs with wine posts. #funnyshit #whileyouwerewhiningiwasworking.”

Tool are expected to release their new album this year, the followup to 2006’s 10,000 Days. Maynard James Keenan released a new album with A Perfect Circle last year, Eat the Elephant, and toured in North America and Europe with A Perfect Circle to promote the album.