Maynard James Keenan Stunned By New Tool Album Leak Claim


A new Tool album Twitter thread started recently, starting with a ‘Hitler reacts’ spoof video linked to by a fan named Monetary Mayhem, followed by a post with a new Tool album cover leak spoof with the title ‘Buy My Wine (An Album About Life).’ A fan also claimed to have leaked details about the making of the album. Maynard James Keenan then later chimed in.

A fan named Vinny then said, “It’s been taking them forever!!! That’s bad ass, glad I got to hear some. Probably a dumb question but have you seen this??? #Fibonacci .”

Monetary Mayhem tweeted, “If you play the songs of that album in Fibonacci sequence it’s a continuous track.”

Vinny responded, “That actually doesn’t surprise me. I was watching an interview with Maynard about what was taking so long with the Tool album. He said everybody assumes that he’s the crazy abstract one, and he’s not…it’s the rest of the band that are the real sticklers for perfection.”

“He said that’s how and why he gets to have all these other side projects going on. Because most of the time he sitting around waiting for the rest of Tool, to decide how they want the songs to go. That kind of surprised me really.”

Monetary Mayhem said, “They are perfectionists.”

Maynard James Keenan then chimed in on his Puscifer Twitter account, though it is possible that somebody who works for him responded on his behalf, but he is usually responsible for the tweets on the account.

“Not a very fair assessment. @mjkeenan is a perfectionist. Just not in the same was as his bandmates in tool. Different lenses.”