Meet Temple of the Dog’s Opening Act – Fantastic Negrito


Temple of the Dog kicks off their tour tonight in Philadelphia. Opening for the iconic group of musicians will be Fantastic Negrito, who also opened for Chris Cornell this past year during his Higher Truth tour.

Fantastic Negrito recently wrote a feature on Artist Waves about the excitement and anticipation of being Temple of the Dog’s partner in crime during their first official tour.

“I remember the movement out of Seattle, and how it redefined rock music. Temple of the Dog has such a unique place in that history — a group of friends coming together in a moment of loss and turning it into something eternal. Something that has the power to bring us all together 25 years later!

For me it’s like the last six months have all led to this moment. First getting invited to tour with Chris Cornell in Europe, and then in North America. That was like going to school every day, and then receiving a degree at the end of the tour. I learned more watching Chris Cornell on two tours than I learned in the previous five years.

More than anything, we’re excited and humbled to have this opportunity to play alongside Temple of the Dog, at these venues. We even get to play a couple of nights on our home turf in the Bay Area. But in the end, I think I’m most excited about getting to Seattle — to feel the energy of that crowd, in the place where it all started.”

Click here to read the full Artist Waves feature by Fantastic Negrito about opening for Temple of the Dog.


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featured photo via fantastic negrito