Metal Legend Reveals Why He Told Kurt Cobain To Do Cocaine Instead Of Heroin


When quite a few veteran metal bands were softening their sound or “going alternative” in the ‘90s, Max Cavalera refused to budge – offering up classic metal releases with Sepultura (1993’s Chaos AD and 1996’s Roots), Nailbomb (1994’s Point Blank), and Soulfly (1998’s self-titled debut). And Cavalera continues to carry the metal torch, as evidenced by Soulfly’s current US tour, which also features Cannabis Corpse, Noisem, and Lody Kong, and will go until November 10th (complete dates listed here).

Cavalera spoke to Alternative Nation from the road about the tour, upcoming projects, and his relationships with the members of Nirvana. The full interview can be read by clicking here, but here is an excerpt of the interview where he discusses a conversation he had with Kurt Cobain.

“I actually met him twice. We met at a Headbangers Ball special, where he was wearing a dress, but he was sleeping most of the time – I think he was heavily on heroin at the time. And then at one point, he was doing a show in Brazil, and one of my friends called me from Brazil to Phoenix, and Kurt was on the phone. We talked a little bit about our kids – his daughter was just born, and my son, Zyon, was just born. So, it was very cool. And then he asked me where he can get heroin in Brazil. I had no idea – I couldn’t really help him. I was in Arizona, y’know? I told him, ‘There is plenty of good coke – Brazil’s got good cocaine. I don’t know nothing about heroin…but you should try coke.’ [Laughs]”