Metallica ‘Bullshit’ Money Ripoff Revealed: ‘What A Joke’


Metal Insider reports that Metallica fans are feeling ‘St. Anger’ after the the presale for the band’s S&M 2 show with the San Francisco Symphony, as bots bought most of the tickets leading to insane resale prices, leading to many fans having to get ripped off financially to go to the show.

Metallica Legacy and Fifth Member club members were given the opportunity to buy tickets a few days early; but the “tickets became on sale instantly at StubHub before fans had a chance to view their pre-sale opportunity.”

The report also said, “Fans have reported signing in at exactly 9 AM PST and 10 AM PST as their select purchase read ‘unavailable.’ People have tried every single option that they could for the entire half hour, still failing to obtain a single ticket.”

Tickets on StubHub right now range from $16,000 to $300.

Fans wrote on Twitter:

“It’s BS is what it is. Either there weren’t that many tickets available to begin with, a MASSIVE amount of members (doubtful), or (most likely) bots.”

“please direct your attention to the multitude of Facebook and Twitter comments regarding this morning’s presale, as it seems ticket bots scalped everything in seconds. Many, many fans including myself missed out because of this. Please try to address this.”

“your fan club presale was disappointing 😞 Waited all morning to get those tickets and they were sold out before I even clicked the button 😿 Bad omen to that new arena. #unforgiven #metallica.”

“How are we supposed to compete with Ticket Bots? @Metallica PreSale my arse!”

“I’m asking the same question! Who the hell got the tickets! Legacy member for 24 years and not even one ticket! It’s beyond ridiculous! Sold out and none of my friends got anything and I know people all over the world! What a joke! 😬😬🤢🤢😤😤 #Metallica #SFSymphony.”