Metallica & Layne Staley Drug Bombshell Revealed


Metallica recently came to the limelight on social media sensation following the appearance of “Master of Puppets” on the season 4 finale of Netflix hit show “Stranger Things”. Gainining more popularity, Metallica have also welcomed some new fans but also some critics.

Metallica was made a target

As reported by Loudwire, TikTok user Serena Trueblood made the metal group the target of the latest installment of her “Is Your Fav Problematic” series, where she looks at several musical artists’ past in search of possibly controversial situations.

In her video, Trueblood called out Metallica over several issues from the band’s past caught on photos or film, such as bassist Jason Newsted allegedly performing Nazi salutes onstage, or James Hetfield keeping Body Count off a tour due to frontman Ice-T’s race. Here are a few quotes from the video (via Killer Guitar Rigs):

“This band is ancient so let’s just jump straight in because it’s going to be very, very long. [The video is 3-minutes-long]”

She also added:

“And starting off with a bang, there is their anti-Semitism. First, there’s this picture of Hetfield and Ulrich doing a nazi salute. More recently, Hetfield plays on this guitar that contains Iron Crosses. And if you don’t know, Iron Crosses are neo-nazi dog-whistle symbols.”

“Then there’s also the fact that he hung out with Kerry King, this Aryan Brotherhood-looking motherf***er right here, who is obviously very proud to be wearing a confederate flag.”

She also recalled the band making jokes about Alice in Chain’s Layne Staley by saying:

“What I find weird about this is that they’re so quick to make fun of somebody’s drug addiction, but when James himself was put into rehab, that’s when they started taking drug addiction seriously. But, of course, they only care about issues when it pertains them.”

Metallica fans were of course quick to react online, with many defending the band, especially after their welcoming attitude towards new fans. One comment noted:

“The fact Metallica welcomed and defended all the new fans that came from the stranger things fandom and they’ve gone and THROWN IT BACK IN THEIR FACES…”

However, some fans were supportive of her take, going after Metallica and Hetfield’s alleged racism:

“Like bro how are u gonna have a fit about “GEN Z!!!!!” canceling Metallica when James literally had a racist hunter white dude phase in the 90s AND STILL has those issues today…”

Check out the video clip below: