Metallica Record Contract Leaks, Was Member Screwed?


Metallica members James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich’s 1983 contract with Megaforce for the release of Kill ‘Em All has been photographed and posted on the Metallica Reddit. Dave Mustaine is acknowledged, though not by name, for his songwriting contributions. Mustaine left the band shortly before the album was recorded and was replaced by Kirk Hammett.

RuledQuotability posted, “What’s interesting about this is – it is written authorization to release the Dave tracks on the Kill ‘Em All album. Probably necessary given Dave co-wrote those songs.

Full text: ‘We as the majority (2/3 ‘3) of writers do hereby release to Megaforce the right to release on the “Kill ‘em All’

The Four Horsemen

Jump in the Fire

Phantom Lord

Metal Militia

Signed date

Lars Ulrich

James Hetfield.’”

Prometheus357 posted, “That is interesting – and – probably the reason why they were not able to release the planned Deluxe Box edition of the ‘No Life Til Leather’ album.”

AndySandy93 posted, “If you look in the top corner of the document you see it says ‘Rock and Roll Heaven’. I’m from the town right next to East Brunswick and my dad said that the owner of the store was Jon Zazula (owner or mega force records). My dad’s copy of Kill em All was actually bought in that store.”

James Hetfield and Lars handwritten contract to mega force records to release Kill ‘Em All. Hard Rock Cafe, Venice from r/Metallica