Mick Jagger Massive Paycheck After Surgery Revealed


The Rolling Stones returned to the stage on Friday in Chicago at Soldier Field for the first time since Mick Jagger’s heart surgery, following bizarre doctor rumors. Jagger took a hilarious shot at a local politician during the show.

Richard Roeper tweeted, “Mick Jagger: ‘I want to welcome Lori Lightfoot…I’m sorry Ed Burke couldn’t make it tonight.’ Seriously. He just said that. 😂”

The Chicago Tribune reported that Jagger and the Stones likely made upward of $5 million for the concert:

The Stones have gotten up from the mat more times than a veteran prizefighter. There were the ‘60s drug busts, ‘70s heroin addictions, the Jagger-Keith Richards split during the ‘80s, Richards’ brain surgery after falling from a tree in 2006 – the Stones have somehow persevered for more than 50 years, and now routinely rake in upward of $5 million in revenue every night they perform.

Yahoo quoted, “We love Chicago so much we decided to start the tour here instead of Miami,” Jagger quipped. He didn’t reference his recent ailment during the performance, and given the showmanship he displayed, no one would’ve been the wiser had the news not made headlines. His hip-shaking exuberance reassured fans that not only is he more than on the mend, but he was primed for the two-hour marathon ahead. They opened with an aerobic “Street Fighting Man” — which found Jagger running the length of the catwalk — and his voice was just as fit, from the soaring falsettos on “Miss You” and the yearning on “Angie” to the triumphant, crowd-powered refrains on “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Gimme Shelter.”