Migos Get In Violent Fight At Grammys


A video from 2017 has surfaced showing Quavo and Offset fighting after the Grammy Awards. In the video, you can see videos being taken as the two fight and as people start backing up from the pair. Even though the clip is from a few years ago – new news has surfaced about a fight from this year’s Grammy awards between the two.

There’s still a lot of issues between Migos’ rappers Quavo and Offset following the death of Takeoff. Not only have there been a lot of theories into what happened with Takeoff; Quavo and Offset have not spoken much at all since the death of Takeoff, but tensions boiled over.

Via TMZ – Just before Quavo took the stage to perform his song “Without You” as a tribute to Takeoff during the “In Memoriam” segment of the show, he and Offset got into a physical fight and had to be pulled apart.

As for what led to it, Quavo was said to have blocked Offset from being apart of the stage show.

Many hoped that this would have ended differently. No one thought that the death of Takeoff would mean that these two would go separate ways or mean that fights would come out of it like this.

Hopefully, things get patched up soon because this is sad to see after the death of Takeoff.