Mike Patton Announces Massive Grunge Shows


So many fans were saddened by a ton of dates that Faith No More put forth after they were then canceled due to Mike Patton not being ready to perform due to some personal issues. Now, we see Mike Patton back and willing to make it up to the fans that he loves most and the fans are here for it with some communication on social media.

Unfortunately, we still aren’t getting many answers from Mike Patton on the end of Faith No More, because while Mike did in fact come out and speak on some upcoming shows – they weren’t of his own or those of his band, Faith No More. No, not at all.

The shows that Mike Patton felt the need to shout out was of the legendary Melvins shows that are upcoming for the end of the year, and to kick off the new year of 2022. Surprisingly, at the time of this article, Mike has made sure to only let certain people comment on the post which means that he has basically turned comments off.

The Melvins haven’t said much at all about the shoutout from the man from Faith No More either, but it would be nice to see him pop up at the show. Mike could be deciding to take some time off from performing live before getting back out there with Faith No More and his numerous other projects.

Keep in mind that this is what Mike made out to be the first public comments to be had from his social media accounts since the issues with the Faith No More shows being canceled. Was this the right move to cancel the FNM shows? It’s hard to tell. Some will say yes and some will say they’d like more information on what’s to come for Faith No More.