Mike Patton Talks Escaping Being ‘Defined’ By Faith No More: ‘It’s Like If You’re A Plumber’


Henry Rollins recently interviewed Faith No More frontman Mike Patton, and while he said FNM is no plumbing job, he needs other projects to get his ‘rocks off’ much like plumbers do after a day’s work.

Rollins brought up Faith No More dealing with corporate rock structure at they became successful.

Patton responded, “We dealt with it pretty well (laughs).”

Rollins said Faith No More was ‘the day job,’ and he could ‘freak out in other corners’ with his other projects.

Patton shot back, “Dude man, it’s like, come on, if you’re a plumber, what do you do on the outside to kind of get your rocks off? That’s the way I kind of looked at it. I’m not saying that Faith No More was a plumbing job (laughs), when your one thing becomes your one thing, and people define you by that, you search for other things to do.”

Rollins said many are happy to be defined by one thing.

Patton responded, “Which is totally okay, I’m totally okay with that. Some people are really good at it, I’m not.”