Miley Cyrus Opens Up Jacket In Hot Photo


Miley Cyrus has taken things to a whole new level in a comment that she left on a new tweet that she recently put up on Twitter.

In the post, Miley comments a blurry photo of herself in an open jacket. She’s wearing nothing under the jacket at all and you can just about see everything that she wants you to see. Now, you may be asking yourself – why did she post such a photo? Well, it seems to be deeper than just a photo to put up.

Judging by what Miley posted beforehand, it looks like Miley Cyrus is stirring the pot just a little bit. As many readers are well aware of, Miley released the song, ‘Flowers,’ which gained traction the very second that it came out. Not only was the song a smash hit, but there was a lot of issues around it. One of which being that supposedly Miley ripped off Bruno Mars and took the melody from him.

Another, maybe the most controversial, is that the entire song was a diss track to Liam Hemsworth. From there, the internet exploded. Fast forward to now and Miley Cyrus is getting sued by Liam Hemsworth for defamation of character.

Miley is now playing with fire as she just posted a demo version of ‘Flowers,’ which again, seems to be a shot at Liam Hemsworth.