How ‘Money’ Reportedly Delayed New Guns N’ Roses Album Will Surprise You


MyGNRForum administrator downzy posted about new Guns N’ Roses material in a recent MyGNRForum post.

“Yeah, I’m in agreement that it’s highly questionable whether we’re actually going to get anything. If I had to guess (not based on any information passed along from me), Axl fluctuates between wanting to release new material and hanging everything up. As I said in my previous post, if we don’t hear anything from the band that indicates plans to release new material by the end of the year, I wouldn’t hold out much hope. But if we start getting interviews from Axl, Slash, and Duff whether on tour or shortly after that provides a little clarity and intentions going forward, then I think prospects are good.

I thought I’ve been pretty vocal the last couple of years about the fact that Axl was spending a lot of time in the studio. As you guess, I’m not a liberty as to reveal my sources, it’s definitely as rock solid as you can get. I was told multiple times by various sources that a new album was being prepped for a 2016 release and to meet that deadline Axl was spending a lot of time in the studio. And then it was announced that Bumble and Ashba were leaving and any news about new music dried up.

In fact, many sources completely cut communications once rumours of Slash returning to the fold. I think once the personal divide that separated the two was bridged and those involved understood the incredible amount of money within reach those efforts to release new material stopped immediately. Add in Axl’s involvement with AC/DC and the 2014-2015 plans were put on hold.

My hope is that the tours go well and perhaps Axl, Duff, and Slash revisit some of the material Axl was working on since most of it has to be close to completion. Release another album, do another round of touring, and then perhaps call it a day and/or focus on other projects like AC/DC.”