Motley Crue Disgusting Marilyn Manson Party Photos Revealed


Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has shared disgusting photos of himself picking Marilyn Manson’s nose at Machine Gun Kelly (aka Colson Baker)’s birthday party on Instagram. Machine Gun Kelly played Tommy Lee in The Dirt.

Machine Gun Kelly discussed Motley Crue in a Vice interview, “Mötley Crüe showed me that if you build it they will come. They started out doing arena productions inside the Whisky a Go Go for 400 people. They spent their time and energy doing pyrotechnics and had mannequins with their heads cut off as if they were performing for 10,000 people, when really it was just a small club.

But eventually it was this performances that broke them through to the next level in the career. And I’ve always been like that, an artist that is constantly fighting to gain higher levels in his career by breaking down walls that people would not expect of me.”

Billboard reports, “Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson endured the ultimate friendship test by taking a lie detector test for Vanity Fair.

The Dirt co-stars sat down and asked each other questions that ranged from Davidson’s Saturday Night Live skits (i.e. whether he is the funniest cast member) to Colson Baker’s (aka Kelly) rapping-slash-acting career. The duo’s bromance was on full display as they continuously reassured themselves that they ‘can’t tear us apart’ with some scattered fist bumps throughout the entertaining video.”