Motley Crue Icon Caught ‘Juicing’ In Gym Photo


Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has posted a photo of a new product he is using to pump himself up for workouts. He wrote on his Instagram story, “Pre workout go go juice!” He later wrote, “A nice kick in the ass right before workout. Anybody give this a try before? I know a lot of athletes use them.” Vince Neil just dropped a new Motley Crue singer bombshell.

Gregory_pato commented, “I always take pre workout and coffee, never hurts!!!” Breakfree_samurai said, “I compete and coach in powerlifting. I would say 75% of the competitors use these before a big lift. I personally don’t care for them.” Danhanson5018 chimed in, “No I’ve never tried it, but I did just have some RumChata cheesecake and that was pretty freaking awesome LOL, can’t wait to see you guys in Minneapolis.”

Shortyinabox said, “I’ve only heard of athletes using smelling salts when they feel like they can’t go on any further, and then it gives pep. But when you’re already pretty okay and energized, I’ve heard it can be rough on the internals.” Brent34519 added, “I recommend @bowmar_nutrition for any supplements. Zero garbage and highest quality. I would never use anything else.”

Fubar_74 responded, “Yes but also try the 2000mg arginine ornithine works very good and all natural amino acids.” P3pprr said, “Do you and the boys do any kinda warm ups before your shows? Or did rather? I think you stopped touring with 6 AM too no?” Starryeyes2381 asked, “How does that work?? You just sniff it before you workout? I need to try this. I usually use Bucked Up which helps me go on cardio for like an hour on the days I use it.” A Motley Crue icon was ‘forced’ to lose weight by Nikki Sixx.