Motley Crue Member Awful Arrest With Strippers Revealed


Van Halen icon, Sammy Hagar was interviewed on the Lance Armstrong podcast recently, and he shared a story about how Motley Crue founding member and drummer Tommy Lee was arrested while celebrating his birthday in Cabo Wabo with various strippers years ago. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

Hagar: I remember Tommy [Lee], the first time came to Cabo [Wabo] for one of his birthdays, October fifth or something and mine’s the thirteenth. So he went and celebrate his birthday with me and he in Cabo, way back then, this was like, fifteen years ago. Tommy was still in Motley Crue and everything – he rents a stretch limo and I don’t even know where the fuck they even got it because there wasn’t even such a thing back then. Tommy comes in and he’s got five or six chicks in the car, he comes into Cabo Wabo, he plays, we eat tacos and have a good time. The next thing I know I get the call that Tommy’s in jail. 

[Armstrong laughs]

Hagar: Oh what the fuck happened? and he had these girls, like, five or six strippers with him and they were getting naked and hanging out of the roof of the car. You know, their titties flapping, The cops don’t care about what you do down there but they say if they got a reason to arrest you and can extort you out of your money, they are gonna fucking do it. So, of course, he got in trouble there. It’s like Tommy just used to get in trouble everywhere he went.  He [would] get in a fight or something, something would happen.

Armstong: Tommy’s interesting, you should, you should watch because they showed these kids growing up too. They show glimpses of their home life when they were kids. His parents were normal, they supported his music and like they would come to the shows. Tommy was a normal kid, the other ones were fucked up. 

Hagar: Yeah.

Armstrong: He was totally normal and now he’s this party animal.