Motley Crue Member Reveals If He’s Getting Fired


Nearly five months have passed since the rollercoaster ride of emotions began for Mötley Crüe fans. The band’s triumphant “Stadium Tour” comeback, once met with widespread excitement, has since been overshadowed by the bombshell lawsuit filed by Mick Mars, their legendary guitarist.

Mars’ lawsuit contains serious allegations, including claims that his bandmates schemed to strip him of his substantial stake in Mötley’s various businesses, subjected him to psychological manipulation to make him believe his cognitive and musical abilities were diminishing, and suggested that the majority of last year’s tour was not performed live. The fallout and consequences of this lawsuit are still unfolding.

Amid this turmoil, John 5, initially brought in as a touring replacement when Mars announced his retirement due to Ankylosing Spondylitis, has emerged as a worthy successor. He has consistently demonstrated his deep respect for the band’s material and has seamlessly integrated into the lineup.

In a recently published interview with Guitar World (conducted before Mick Mars’ lawsuit came to light), John 5, a close friend of Nikki Sixx, shared his recollection of the moment he was invited to join Mötley Crüe:

“I was on the road, and they were wrapping up their tour. Our paths crossed a few times. Mötley was still touring, and my band, the Creatures, went on tour as well. There were instances when I played in the same city as Mötley, but in a different venue. Towards the end of their tour, Nikki said, ‘You know, I think Mick might retire. We have a tour coming up in Europe and South America. Would you be interested?’ I saw it as a chance to experience life to the fullest. Mick Mars is my best friend, and I know every song. I didn’t have to learn anything new. To start a new chapter like this is an incredible gift.”

John 5 also hinted at the exciting possibility of new material from Mötley Crüe, recorded with the legendary producer Bob Rock. Nikki Sixx had confirmed earlier that these songs were “100% officially done.” With his increasing involvement in the band’s affairs and a new album seemingly on the horizon, John 5 expressed his vision for the future with Mötley:

“I see myself staying with Mötley Crüe. As long as Mötley Crüe exists, I don’t plan on leaving, and I hope I never get fired. It’s an incredible band to be a part of—a dream to play with friends. It’s something I never imagined, but I’m grateful it happened.”