Motley Crue Tried To Hire Big Name Guitarist


Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy recently revealed that he and Ratt guitarist Robbin Crosby almost formed a band with Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee four decades ago, shortly before their now-legendary hard rock groups officially launched.

Stephen Pearcy opens up on the matter

In an interview with Tommy London of SiriusXM Hair Nation this past Thursday (June 30), Pearcy recalled the time when he had planned with Motley Crue members about forming a band but that never came to fruition.

“So, yes, it’s a true story. Robbin, Nikki, Tommy and myself, and me on guitar, were rehearsing at [pre-Ratt band] Mickey Ratt’s rehearsal in Culver City there. And I believe we rehearsed for a couple of times. I don’t know if we wanted to start a band or if we were just jamming, but something was getting intense in there. And Nikki is, like, ‘Nah. I’m gonna go do my thing.’ And I said, ‘Well, I’m here. Me and Robbin are doing our thing.’ And so be it.”

“Yeah — true story. True story,” Pearcy repeated. “So, if that would have been a band, it would have been a great band, actually. I don’t know what songs we played, but we were very supportive of each other back in the day, in the beginning, yeah. It was great.”

Pearcy and bassist Juan Croucier are the sole remaining original members in Ratt’s current lineup. The hasn’t released any new music since 2010’s Infestation LP. While, Motley Crue’s “The Stadium Tour” kicked off on June 16 in Atlanta, Georgia and will conclude on September 9 in Las Vegas, Nevada.