MTV Legend Defends Soundgarden & Alice In Chains After Disrespect


Former MTV Headbanger’s Ball host Riki Rachtman recently tweeted about his hopes to bring back the show.

“After being on the road for over a month the question I STILL get asked the most is WHY won’t I bring back the Headbangers Ball. Friends it’s not up to me if @MTV @VH1 @axs @netflix or any network asked I would do ANYTHING to make it happen. MONEY is not an issue I miss it too.”

He was the insulted for liking and promoting Grunge music on the show.

Someone named Brett (not yours truly, obviously) tweeted to him, “He liked grunge anyways.. At least Adam Curry knew he was a”

Rachtman responded, “Do I like Soundgarden Alice In Chains Ummm yup.”

View the Twitter conversation below. Rachtman posted a funny MTV clip of Chris Cornell last year when he died.

“This is how I’ll remember #ChrisCornell,just bums me out. We all feel loss & confused but damn I feel lucky 2 have spent a little time w him.”