Music Media Heavyweight Bets Money That Josh Homme Will Go To Rehab


Photographer and founder Jeff Kravitz has bet $10 that Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme will go to rehab following kicking photographer Chelsea Lauren last Saturday at a performance in Los Angeles during KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas.

“$10 says tour cancelled so he can go to rehab to fix his issues. Doubt that will help. You can go visit him there.”

He added, “On second thought I’m not sure there’s rehab for being a douche.”

KROQ’s Nicole Alvarez tweeted, “I hope Josh Homme has a come 2 Jesus with his obvious demons & realizes that most importantly , he is a father. His kids require a role model. He needs to do better. Period. I’m looking forward 2 this being the wake up call he needed 2 get 2 a better place. Dick move. Do better.”

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