My Autumn Amor Is A Lyrical Assassin On Letters To Brie And Oasis Fans Will Love It


Sometimes, all you need is a really sweet sounding acoustic guitar, a love of guitar driven rock – and one hell of a knack for writing lyrics. With a devilishly clever wit, My Autumn Amor deliver wicked words of wisdom all throughout Letters To Brie. The five song EP is the latest release from My Autumn Amor- the solo adventure of California musician Thomas Monroe. Monroe, the musical mastermind behind My Autumn Amor combines modern day rock a la The Killers with a really fresh take on some classic rock favorites.

“In a Scene” is arguably the song of the album but you can’t go wrong with any of them, honestly. With swooshing synths, pounding rhythms, and a vocal delivery reminiscent of Cheap Trick, Monroe’s descriptive lyrics paint the picture of a great story- only matched by the new-wave styled hashings of the musical attack.

“Gabrielle” opens the album on a beautiful, heartfelt note. Lush sounds from a lost era of music build and collide- creating one driving melody after the next. Monroe’s silky smooth voice oozes passion- not to mention a hefty range he puts to good. “Just take your time and you will find a way to make it all come true.” Monroe’s impassioned pleas to the eponymous lady are chalk-filled with vulnerability and reliability. It’s one thing to have the songs- which My Autumn Amor clearly does. It’s another to create such honest, clever takes on standard subjects that pull listeners right in.

My Autumn Amor have burst the flood gates of potential wide open on Letters To Brie. Strong, well though tout lyrics take up the entirety of this EP. What’s great about an EP is that you can cut out all the fat. You get right to the heart of the matter and in this case, these five songs never let up. And you can’t help but realize that when My Autumn Amor puts out a full length album, it could be thirty songs- and they will all kick ass!

Check out My Autumn Amor, the new EP Letters To Brie and the video for “Gabrielle”!