NEGATIVEHATE’s Solipsis Is A Melancholy Mix Of Harrowing Vocals & Prog Soundscapes


For music lovers with a taste for post-metal instrumentation and moody, tension building arrangements, Negativehate is a must listen. Hailing from Monroe, New York, the five-piece outfit specialize in the art of taking listeners through a wonderland of musical twists and turns, hellbent on producing a unique, melancholy mix of harrowing vocals and prog-influenced soundscapes. The band presents a spontaneous exchange while repeatedly proving their ability to craft beautiful songs without compromise. Negativehate thrive on their caviler, no boundaries approach; and it pays off, over and over again.

The band is celebrating the release of their latest album, Solipsis. The album, which was released on June 3rd, features nine solid tracks including the standouts, “Sea of Perdition” and “Beyond Aurora.” Throughout the course of this album, you’d be surprised at where the music takes you. Like most great bands with a flair for the progressive, there is a real need to focus on the album as a whole, more than on individual songs; at least first. Individually, the tracks that comprise Solipsis more than hold their own, on their own. But in the way that “Money” or “Time” are great individual tracks, they are enjoyed to their max when heard in the overall context of Dark Side of the Moon.

With “Sea of Perdition,” the album’s opening track, there is a nice, steady slow build. Your patience is rewarded however once the track comes to full fruition. You’d be forgiven if you feel like you’re transported to 1980’s style new wave for a second. The ways in which the rhythm section builds to echoed, layered vocals has a distinct Depeche Mode feel. And just to be clear. If anyone time you can emulate the feel of a band like Depeche Mode within the context of your own, refreshingly original music, you have done yourself well.

The moment where Negativehate really hit their stride here is on “Don’t Wake What You Create,” the album’s third track. Negativehate shift between clean vocals and aggressive, harsh vocals brilliantly. When the harsh vocals come in on “Don’t Wake What You Create,” you’re totally caught off-guard. But in’s in the execution and the accompanying hauntingly subdued music that really takes this track to a whole other level. Like a lot of the tracks on the album, this one clocks in over eight minutes. In the age-old debate of quality vs. quantity, its a rare feat to pack in both. And this consistently. It’s deserving of high praise.

Negativehate are the kind of band that ultimately is hard to label. Along with the aforementioned Depeche Mode, you can hear slight hints of Nine Inch Nails. Plus some sharply piercing guitar work reminiscent of 90’s alternative You cannot underestimate a band who covers such a wide array of sonic ground. Especially one with such a clear, distinct musical mission statement. If Solipsis is any indication, Negativehate have a very promising future. What they have created is a visceral, multi-genre offering.One that can appeal to wide number of music fans of different genres. The song says you shouldn’t wake what you create. But since they did, thankfully the result is something as well done as Solipsis.

Paul Antonell and Neil Dorfsman handled production duties for Solipsis. For more info on Negativehate and their new album, check out the links below.