New Tool Album Release Blocked By Big Name


Goldmine Records has revealed that exports of the new Tool album Fear Inoculum have been blocked. Maynard James Keenan called out is own new Tool album failure yesterday.

They wrote on social media, “A note on Tool’s new album release. Firstly, apologies to those of you who pre-ordered it from us, we were hoping to get it from overseas for a vaguely decent price, however Sony has made the utterly Disgustipating decision to put an export ban on it from international distributors, so we are forced to order it from Sony Australia who is charging more than double the international price. We have no Intention of being sucked in by this Cold and Ugly joke.

Sony is clearly run by a bunch of Jerk Offs, Ticks and Leeches, resulting in them being worst distributor in Australia! Same old story, the bigger a company gets, the less they care about the actually products they sell and the bigger Schism they create between bands and fans. And Tool…? Well, they clearly have so much money shoved so far up their own Bottoms that they feel it’s ok to only produce an Soberingly expensive CD product and don’t actually care about selling records anymore!!!

I don’t want to sound like a Useful Idiot (or a Hooker With A penis for that matter!), but if the new album does become available for an acceptable price we will stock it, especially a vinyl pressing, otherwise we’ll just have to be Vicarious Tool fans and try not to hold a Grudge!”

A Tool member revealed the surprising role alcohol played on recording Fear Inoculum just a few days ago in a new interview.