Nine Inch Nails Planning ‘Two Major Projects,’ Trent Reznor Working On Secret Collaboration?


Nine Inch Nails members Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross were interviewed by Zane Lowe on Beats 1 last night to discuss NIN’s new EP Not The Actual Events. During the interview, Reznor said he is working on a project that he is not allowed to talk about.

minusthesnake wrote the following recap of the interview on the Echoing The Sound forums.

Talking about how technology changing music and how Trent resisted iPods. Had to take one on tour to fall in love. Changed how he listened to music. “Physical media is dead.” Sad to watch the devaluation of music in the process, it’s in the background of other screens now. Bits on Apple Music. This record is for sale and not exclusive anywhere, selling it as vinyl which is tactile and experiential. You see it when you walk past it. Cryptic about the “physical component” and it’s the premium experience. He’s super into the vinyl lately. Loves not skipping songs, loves flipping, loves that it stays on if the phone rings, etc. Goes into how he hated Remain in Light but he forced himself to get into it because he couldn’t afford more records, so he’s glad he invested because it’s so important to him now. Not lamenting new technology.

Setting up the new EP: Not contrived. Moment of excitement and honesty. Atticus loves albums made in isolation. They isolated themselves from other music when making the EP. Took “several weeks… or months”.


No touring plans next year but they’re discussing it… Atticus [Ross]’ involvement isn’t a slight to the other guys, they’re just not sitting next to him a year at a time.