Nirvana Fans Rip Reunion Without Kurt Cobain


Photo by Brett Buchanan for Alternative Nation

Nirvana shared a Seattle Times article titled ‘Nirvana’s surviving members reunite during Foo Fighters’ Seattle concert’ on their Facebook page on Sunday, and the band got trolled by some ‘fans’ in the comments section, who apparently aren’t familiar with recent history. Nirvana’s surviving members have reunited several times in this decade including in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017. In 2014 they performed twice in New York, playing sets of Nirvana material with guest singers to celebrate their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. On Saturday night Nirvana’s surviving members performed “Molly’s Lips.” Other fans though were very complimentary of the performance.

Eathan Berdyck commented, “Everyone thinks creed and nickelback suck, but why does foo fighters get a pass for that garbage rock.”

Gareth Hall commented, “Gotta love how they make it sound like all twenty members of Wu Tang Clan reunited. The bass player showed up. One guy.”

Robb Webster commented, “Doesn’t that sound stupid? ‘surviving members?’ Like they got into a car accident and Kurt didn’t make it?”

Dany Szelsky commented, “I love the band but saying “surviving members” implies that either they were all in an accident or that half the band is gone. 1 of 3 doesn’t make the remaining ones “survivors” xD

Duane Daly: “I don’t care for the FOO FIGHTERS. I just don’t. However, I think EVERLONG is one if the most well written songs ever.”

NIRVANA defined high-school for me. NEVERMIND broke the September of my 9th grade year, but it’s really hard for me to go back and listen to it now. I have a mental illness and right around 14 is when it started to effect me and listening to those songs puts me right back there in all that pain and confusion.

NIRVANA wasn’t entertainment for me, it was therapy. I am so grateful it was around and I got to see them live but to me that magic is gone. I remember that set they did for MTV with “Drain You” on it and it was so raw and real it scared me a little. I don’t think Kurt was some kind of saint, he was a drug addict who lost his battle(this is not meant as judgement because I am an addict too, it’s just the truth), but I do feel that without him NIRVANA can never reunite.

I think it’s cool Dave, Krist, & Pat got to play together again, but to call it anything more than three old buds jamming an old tune is incorrect. Maybe they did the cover because they knew that NIRVANA was not on that stage. Which I also think is cool.

Just my 2 cents.”

Paul Tipton commented, “The article doesn’t even mention Pat Smear, who was joined Nirvana in 1993 and was the original lead guitarist of the Foo fighters from 95-97 and rejoined in 2011.”

Mirror Man commented, “dave grohl has no buisness sining or playing kurts music not right!!”