Ozzy Osbourne Exposed For Wearing Wig


During a recent SiriusXM interview, Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx described seeing Ozzy Osbourne wear a dress and a woman’s wig, and expose himself. Alternative Nation transcribed Sixx’s comments.

Nikki: So, they put Ozzy in the golf kart, take him up on stage, we’re sitting there in the bus, and we hear his intro starting. What I love about Ozzy’s intros is that the music stops, he runs on stage and goes:

“Everybody get crazy!”

Nikki: Or whatever he says and then the show starts, right? He walks out says the line, he’s in a dress, pulls up the dress and has these tighty-whiteys on with a grey old-woman’s wig on. We would be like

“Oh well if he can do that, we can do that.”

Motley Crue ‘The Dirt’ stars Iwan Rheon, Douglas Booth, and Colson ‘Machine Gun Kelly’ Baker discussed the film in a new Screen Rant interview.

Screen Rant: Now Mick may not have been the biggest celebrity coming out of the band, but he has one of the sharpest personalities and perspective. What did you want to bring to that character and really dive into with Mick?

Iwan Rheon: I guess, first and foremost, how much of an incredible musician he is and what he brought to the band as a musician. That passion and drive to just be amazing and that aggressive style. And also, I think he’s kind of the wise owl of the band. He’s lived a bit more, he’s already experienced life a little bit more.

Douglas Booth: He used to live on park benches when he first started.

Iwan Rheon: Yeah, exactly. And he had, he’d lived a whole different life. And, yeah, it’s kind of how excited he was to finally [find] where he was supposed to be in this band, with these guys. And I think that was really important for him.

Colson Baker: But I think what really took it to the next level though, really, the physicality of the acting. Because I think too, it was, it was amazing to see that. Sure, there’s less words on paper for Mick Mars. But watching, you can’t help but just always see the little things. Like when he struggles to get up, or all those, you know, it spoke so loudly. I remember when I watched it for the first time, I mean, I don’t like talking to you while you’re right here, talking about you while you’re right here [LAUGHS], but…

Iwan Rheon: Thanks though, that’s really sweet.