Ozzy Osbourne Fans Angry After TMZ Death Report


Ozzy Osbourne lost his former drummer Lee Kerslake to cancer a few days ago, and many fans on Twitter were furious when a TMZ headline made it appear that Ozzy himself had died. TMZ’s headline originally stated: “Ozzy Osbourne And Uriah Heep Drummer Lee Kerslake Dead At 73.”

Kam commented, “‘Drummer for Ozzy Osbourne & Uriah Heep Lee Kerslake Dead at 73.’ Is that really so hard? Had me holding tears back thinking we lost Ozzy.”

Steve said, “@TMZ I agree.. THATS MESSED UP!!!…. My heart sunk to my stomach felt sick imagining the intence grief of what Sharon must be going through… YES they did that on purpose and it’s gross.”

Annette chimed in, “@TMZ I had to read it several times.. The way they wrote it seems like both of then died.”

Tonette wrote, “@TMZ The way that is written, had me thinking Ozzy Osbourne died. Crazy!”

J.R Squirrel added, “@TMZ My 10 year old could write a better, more appropriate headline. Though, she is a squirrel and a far superior species.”

Christine said, “You need to rewrite the headline. Uriah Heap drummer Lee Kerslake who also worked with Ozzy Osborne passed away at the age of 73.”

James concluded, “Let’s talk about the late great Lee Kerslake and his fine contribution to one of the premier heavy metal albums of all time. As time has passed and I’ve played this record, his drumming has really stood out. First few years playing this record my ears were glued to Randy. Lee RIP.”