Ozzy Osbourne Makes Big Name Cry After Hospital Bombshell


Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde discussed visiting Ozzy in the hospital after his recent health issues in a new Revolver interview. He said that Ozzy was ‘glued’ back together.

“Yeah, I obviously saw him in the hospital and I still keep in touch with him. When we saw him he was making fun of himself and how banged up he is. They glued him back together and now we just gotta wait for the glue to dry and then he’s back up and running.

I’ve always said it’s a miracle any work gets done because if you’re hanging around with him for even five minutes, you’ll be on the floor crying-laughing. He’s always taking the piss out of himself, or he’s making fun of whatever is going on in the world. He’s just always taking the piss everything. So it was the same thing.”

Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford revealed in a new Consequence of Sound interview that Ozzy Osbourne’s recovery from his injuries is going ‘slow.’

“We love Ozzy, we constantly send him love and support. He’s healing slowly but surely. My god that man is just an iconic legend. He’s got a great voice. Listen to the early Sabbath stuff, listen to all of Ozzy’s work, he’s got a tremendous voice full of character and definition.

His voice is instantly recognizable. Of course, Ozzy’s been wrapped up in so many other things in his life, people seem to look past that and it really kind of pisses me off as a fellow singer. Ozzy’s a great vocalist.”