Paul McCartney Daughter Drops John Lennon Bombshell


Dad and daughter are working together, and this time it’s on a heartfelt documentary focusing on the art that was created at the infamous, Abbey Road Studios. This is where the likes of Paul’s band, The Beatles, recorded some of their greatest hits, and where Mary virtually grew up.

As per Fox News, Mary McCartney, Paul’s daughter, spent most of her childhood at Abbey Road Studios – one of the most legendary recording facilities in the world (in the UK) where her parents made music together.

McCartney, daughter of Paul and photographer Linda McCartney, has fond memories of being raised in a “normal” household – one filled with love and music – she says. Now, Mary is gazing into the rearview mirror at the London locale’s history in a new documentary titled, “If These Walls Could Sing.” Catchy title.

Mary said:

“What inspired me to make this film was my love for Abbey Road,” the 53-year-old told Fox News Digital. “I’ve grown up going to Abbey Road over the years, but I didn’t realize it was 90 years old until I was invited to direct the documentary. So that really inspired me. And I wanted to know more. And I learned so much through the process. But it started with my love for the building and the people that worked there over the years.”

According to Mary, she was further compelled to tell the story of Abbey Road Studios after she came across a 1977 photo of her parents.

Paul, Mary’s dad recently stated:

“I love that story,” said McCartney. “It was great to hear him say it in the studio about when they recorded ‘Day in the Life’ and there’s a big orchestral crescendo at the end of the song… They were so experimental. It was like, ‘No, let’s just start on your lowest note and work your way up – all of you at the same time – to the highest note.’ It’s such a classic moment in the song.”

“It was interesting to see it and how the orchestra was confused like, ‘I don’t know what you want me to do,’” she continued. “But in the documentary, you see [record producer] Giles Martin with the master recordings. He’s there and shows you [how it’s done]… You can just hear the vocals and then you can just hear the orchestra. And at the end, it’s four pianos playing together in this loud sort of jungle. Hearing that story come alive and seeing how the song was broken down was a great story to hear.”

Paul also said about John Lennon:

“I do remember [meeting] John,” said McCartney. “I was a kid, but I remember us all going over as a family to visit. It was John and Yoko [Ono] and [their son] Sean. We all just hung out in his apartment [as a family].”

Great story.