Pearl Jam 2016 Tour Announcement Postponed?


The following was posted on the Pearl Jam Ten Club forums following the Rupp Arena jumping the gun and beginning to advertise Pearl Jam’s planned April 2016 show in Lexington, KY over the weekend.

“No need to bash or question, just take it or leave it:

A couple of weeks ago I said on here that I was at Wells Fargo and was told PJ Philly dates were 4/28-29 with an announcement coming (around now). That was a sales rep, who also knew about the Bruce dates and announcement before last week.

After this insanity Friday and today, I put some pressure on a co-worker who is close with a higher up in Live Nation. From her – PJ announcement was supposed to be last week, then quickly postponed to today, which was then abruptly postponed until January (or later). She did not give any reasoning, and I’m not sure if she even had any, but this is what I got.

Bummed…I know, me too.”

Pearl Jam Colombia has posted a photo of an advertisement for Pearl Jam’s show at the Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY on April 26, 2016. The advertisement states that tickets will go on sale on December 11th, and appeared on the marquee outside the venue. Two fans on Twitter confirmed seeing the advertisement on the Rupp Arena’s marquee.

In mid October, a list of rumored cities and dates for a spring 2016 Pearl Jam tour surfaced on the forums. Lexington was among the rumored cities, but on April 23rd instead of April 26th.

2016 Rumored Pearl Jam Tour Dates:
4/8 Ft Lauderdale
4/9 Miami
4/11 Tampa
4/13 Jacksonville
4/15 Atlanta
4/16 Nashville
4/18 Columbia SC
4/20 Charlotte
4/21 Raleigh
4/23 Lexington
4/26 Pittsburgh
4/28&29 Philly
5/1&2 NYC
5/5 Buffalo
5/6 Albany or Hartford
5/8 Quebec
5/10 Ottawa
5/11 Montreal
5/13&14 Toronto