Pearl Jam 2024 Australian Tour Dates Revealed?


Pearl Jam, has set the rumor mill spinning with a cryptic social media post that suggests an Australian tour might be on the horizon. The band shared a video of their electrifying performance of “Do The Evolution” during the 1998 show at Melbourne Park, accompanied by a suggestive caption: “Are you koala-fied for our ticket presales? Not a current member? Hop to it, mate! 🐨🦘🇦🇺 #TenDaysOfPJ.”

Fans, ever vigilant, were quick to interpret the post as a potential prelude to an Australian tour announcement. In the comments, one enthusiastic supporter asked, “So is this your way of saying they’re FINALLY coming back to Australia!?!?” Another chimed in, “This would be the best Christmas gift! An Australian tour!!!!”

While no official announcement has been made, followers on the band’s subreddit are speculating about possible dates. According to these keen-eyed fans, Pearl Jam might grace Auckland from November 8 to 10 before making their way to the Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne from November 13 to 23.

The prospect of a tour is significant news for fans Down Under, given that Pearl Jam’s last visit to Australia was in 2014 during the final Big Day Out run. In February 2021, Eddie Vedder, the band’s frontman, fueled hopes during a guest appearance on NOVA’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny show. When asked about the possibility of a Pearl Jam tour in the next 18 months, Vedder responded optimistically:

“You know, actually because of the circumstance and because of the way you handled it,” Vedder said, “in some ways, I could say with confidence it could be the first place we play.”

While the details remain shrouded in mystery, the mere possibility of Pearl Jam returning to the Australian stage has stirred excitement among fans who eagerly await official confirmation and the potential fulfillment of Vedder’s hinted promise.