Pearl Jam Debut Aerosmith Cover, Booed By Boston Fans For Cubs Shout Out


Sea posted the setlist and a recap of Pearl Jam’s show at Fenway Park in Boston.

01. Release
02. Long Road
(“let me take a look at you before the sun goes down. I don’t know how it happened but look at us. We are all at center field.”)
03. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
04. Low Light
05. All Those Yesterday’s (during the outro Ed reads off all of the Red Sox championship banners)
06. Given To Fly
07. Mind Your Manners
08. Why Go
(Ed ask the audience how it sounds and lets them know it sounds great on stage. He mentions he likes the Cubs which elicits some boos. Ed gently chastises the audience for so soon forgetting how it feels to suffer. Ed briefly ponders the number of rings the Cubs have compared to a certain politicians balls. He states emphatically that he is purely speculating. He says the Red Sox were always his favorite American League team.)
09. Daughter, WMA, Another Brick In The Wall-part 2-(Waters) (one chorus only changes one lyric to “people leave your guns at home”)

10. Even Flow (Mike goes to the barricade and solos with the guitar behind his head while he is embraced by fans. Ed hands the mic to some gentlemen at the barricade to sing a little bit)

(Matt and Stone start “Grievance” but stop after 30 seconds when no one else joins in. turns out they skipped on a song on the set list.)

(The next song is dedicated to #34 “Big Papi {David Ortiz}”. Ed can’t believe this is going to be his last year.)
11. Faithfull
12. Grievance
(Ed apologizes for bringing up the person he brought up earlier. He doesn’t want to give that person any attention and he doesn’t want to be divisive in any manner. He wants tonight to be all about getting along and feeling safe together.)
13. I Am Mine
14. Down (Dedicated to Howard Zinn)

(Ed invites up a guest that used to pitch for the Red Sox and is the owner of one of the rings that the Red Sox have won. The player is on another mound now and he is rehabbing his arm and that involves playing acoustic guitar. Ed introduces their friend Bronson Arroyo.)

15. Black w/ guest Bronson Arroyo on acoustic guitar and backing vocals. Ed asks the audience to hold up lights so Bronson can see how magical this place can be. The audience complies with a huge display.

16. Do The Evolution
17. Masters Of War-(Dylan) {full band e.v. electric gtr)
18. I Am A Patriot-(Van Zandt) {fast version full band}
19. Porch (Ed goes to the barricade for the outro and ends up with a Red Sox cap)

Encore Break One
During the break Ed chats with the audience and has some Polaroids of the crowds he took on the first tour displayed on the video screens. He says the first time they played in Boston at a club called Axis. He doesn’t have pictures from that show because he took pictures of security guys beating up a kid. He laughs over the security guy trying to tear the Polaroids but he didn’t get the pictures back. He also shows Polaroids from when he snuck into Fenway because he just HAD to get in.

20. Strangest Tribe
“you’ve been a great tribe”
21. Society-(Hannan)
“This is for Jason and his wife”
22. Just Breathe

(Ed appears to change his mind about what song he wants to do. He asks if he can get a uke. Former Red Sox player Kevin “Youk” Youkilis delivers Ed’s ukulele. “Hey, I got a Youk!” They drink wine and praise the Red Sox nation. As Youk leaves the stage Ed thanks him for dressing up for the occasion, which Youk, clearly did not do.)

23. Sleeping By Myself
24. Wasted Reprise/Life Wasted (Ed sings the line “Don’t Give Up” four times before starting the Wasted Reprise. Possibly quoting Peter Gabriel’s song but it didn’t follow the melody and was just those four words.)
25. State Of Love And Trust (Ed walks to the far wings while singing while Mike runs all over the place. Before the solo Ed lies on his stomach and reaches for a beer from an audience member. He takes a sip and hands it back. Blue gets a great shot of the security persons amused reaction to Ed’s antics. )

“We are going to borrow a song from our friend Roger. We sang it together for a Hurricane Sandy benefit and we have done it ourselves a few times but it seems like a great song to play out doors. And if anybody is tripping balls or whatever version is your favorite”.

26. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters) {Ed plays piano during the outro solo}
27. Corduroy (during the instrumental break while getting the audience to sing asks the audience if they have a few more innings in them or do they need a relief pitcher. “We got it if you got it.”)

Encore Break Two

Ed thanks the fans for being so great and praises the venue.

28. Draw The Line-(Perry, Tyler) Aerosmith cover
“That’s for Joe Perry. We are thinking about you.”

29. Alive
(Ed introduces the band. Ed also introduces the great sportswriter Peter Gammons who comes on stage.)
Ed says the band is going to try and play a song they haven’t played since maybe the first time they came to Boston. He says the request came from Mathew Plummer whose father had passed away. Ed gets a little choked up while talking about it. He tells Mathew that they can all relate to losing someone. Mathew and his father didn’t agree on all music but they came together on this song.
30. I’ve Got A Feeling-(Lennon, McCartney)
31. Baba O’Riley-(Townshend)