Pearl Jam Announce Date For New Release


Pearl Jam will release the official “Can’t Deny Me” single on May 4th. Fans are speculating that it is an official vinyl single, but that is unclear at this point. desolatejoy posted a photo from Music Week magazine showing the release date on the Ten Club forums. The song was released digitally last month.

This news would seem to indicate that Pearl Jam are coming closer to announcing details surrounding the release of their new album.

Pearl Jam released their new single “Can’t Deny Me” last month, the band’s first new song in five years. While the band have not discussed the meaning of the song, based on the single cover art and the band’s liberal political views, many are assuming the song is about President Donald Trump. Below are ten lyrics that appear to be insulting the President of the United States.

1. And now you want me to breathe, And be so grateful

2. You may be rich, but you can’t deny me

3. You can’t control, and you can’t deny me

4. Your eyes are sick, you’re sick and evite

5. You try to talk down to me, my mind it ain’t so simple

6. Where’s your vocabulary, your ignorance is sinful

7. You plant the liar’s seeds, Watch as your ruse take hold

8. The country you are now poisoning, condition critical!

9. You got nothing to hide, let the bullshit walk

10. We see right thru you, and you can’t deny me!

The band contributed “Obey The Law Of The Heart” to the Basmati Blues soundtrack last year but it didn’t feature Eddie Vedder on lead vocals, it was largely a Stone Gossard creative vehicle.

Pearl Jam’s last album was 2013’s Lightning Bolt. The band are set to tour South America, Europe, and North America this year.