Pearl Jam Bassist Teases New Album In Video


Pearl Jam have always been a band that was full of talents that could easily have flourishing solo careers. Every original Pearl Jam member has, at one point, broke off from the group and did a venture of their own whether that was in the form of a different band or if it was truly a solo project.

As many know, Eddie Vedder is probably the most notable for his solo work and being in Temple Of The Dog for a short time as inclusive with his ventures beyond the Pearl Jam moniker. Matt Cameron also has had his day in the sun with his own works with other bands, orchestras, and Soundgarden.

Jeff Ament, however, seems to have stuck pretty closely to his bandmates. Sure, Jeff has done some work outside of Pearl Jam with other bands and Jeff has done solo work before, but nothing really hit a homerun to the tune of Pearl Jam. Maybe that’s all about to change though. Jeff has recently teased some new music and fans are ready for more as they are starting to get out of control with anticipation.

PearlJamOnline on Twitter recently leaked a clip of Jeff Ament’s upcoming solo work. The comment section really lit up as fans have stated how much they love his work and how ready they are to finally here what has been being worked on for a while now.

The comment section saw a split between fans who are ready for the material and fans who feel they have waited too long for the material. Supposedly, no matter the opinion, the material is in fact on the way. While there is no set date yet from Jeff, PearlJamOnline, Eddie Vedder, or Pearl Jam, we can imagine that the day is getting closer and that Jeff will release a statement sooner rather than later for the fans.