Pearl Jam Have ‘A Few Things’ To Celebrate In 2016, No Plans For New Album


A new interview with Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready aired a couple of days ago on Pearl Jam Radio.  The Rob conducted the interview with McCready on Pearl Jam’s Latin America tour a couple of months ago.  He asked McCready about 2016 tour rumors, and Alternative Nation has transcribed Mike’s answer.

“I can neither confirm nor deny any of that Rob, you know how that works.  Something will happen.  We realize that it’s the 25 year anniversary for a few things in our camp, that could be celebrated in some way.”

He later added, “We don’t have any new material as of yet.  We’ve done some demos over the last year, in terms of things that are finished, no.  But we’re always writing stuff, and we’re always in that mode of talking to each other, going over to each other’s houses, going to the studio.

We do stuff, but it’s just more organic, it’s not like ‘okay from here to here, we’re doing this then we’re doing the record.’  We’re not planning anything as of this year, or next year, right now, of new stuff, but know that there always will be new stuff, because we write together.”

He also discussed Pearl Jam’s 2016 plans.